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December 4, 2015

12/04/2015 12:09:00 AM
BAM uses its active data cache to display real-time dashboards. This active data cache is updated constantly by an underlying refresh mechanism and SOA Suite composite provides a powerful yet simple way of refreshing BAM cache in real-time. On the receiving end of the SOA composite is BAM’s active data cache, which consists of BAM data objects. A Data Object is like a relational table that stores data and must be refreshed constantly. And on the other end, which is the source side of the SOA composite, can be a JMS Topic, a relational schema, a web service or just good old flat files. It entirely depends on the use case you are building. In this sample, I have used a relational table as the data source. Both ends are then connected in a SOA Suite composite using an array of Technology Adapters. More will become evident about technology adapters as we go over the sample application, but to say the least, Technology Adapters are really simple to build and screen developers from many lines of code that may be required in a native application. These adapters are the main cause behind the power and ease of development of SOA Suite composite applications.

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