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May 7, 2016

5/07/2016 03:04:00 PM
General Ledger:
  • Simultaneous Accounting for Multiple Reporting Requirements
  • Centralized Accounting Setup
  • Enhanced Reporting Currency Functionality
  • Simultaneous Data Access to Multiple Legal Entities and Ledgers
  • Simultaneous Opening and Closing of Periods for Multiple Ledgers
  • Cross-Ledger and Foreign Currency Allocations
  • Simultaneous Currency Translation of Multiple Ledgers
  • Financial Reporting Across Ledgers
  • Automatic Journal Copy
  • Streamline Automatic Posting
  • Streamline AutoReversal Criteria Setup
  • Streamline Consolidation Mappings
  • Replacement for Disabled Accounts
  • Accounting and Reporting Sequencing
  • Journal Line Reconciliation
  • Entered Currency Reporting and Analysis
  • Foreign Currency Recurring Journals
  • Intercompany Balancing Support for Encumbrances
  • New iSetup API’s

Oracle General Ledger adds the following iSetup API’s to enable you to quickly create your setup data and definitions:
• Ledger Sets
• Data Access Sets
Integration with Subledger Accounting

Enhanced Intercompany

The Global Intercompany System (GIS) feature from previous releases has
been incorporated into the Oracle Advanced Intercompany System product

Account Analysis and Drilldown
Account Analysis & Drilldown is a new web-based interface that allows you
to easily review and analyze your general ledger financial data. You can view
the balances of multiple detail or summary accounts in a single page and drill
down to supporting journal entries and subledger transactions all within a
browser window.
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