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January 21, 2015

1/21/2015 07:10:00 PM

Query Find window

a.   Copy the QUERY_FIND      object group from the APPSTAND form as directed in the manual.
b.APPSTAND is probably located in
                                        apps10/res/US/appstand.fmb, depending on your class setup.
c. Delete the object group from your form.
d. Rename the appropriate objects.
e. Edit the appropriate triggers.
f. Set the navigation block property.
g. Change the window title.
h. Create necessary items in your window as shown in your form specification. Adjust the properties as directed in the manual.
Suggestion: Get your find window working with just one or two items at first, then add more items as time allows.
i. Adjust your window size.
j. Create your PRE-QUERY trigger in the Results block(ORDERS) to copy values from the Query Find Window into items in the ORDERS block before the actual query. Your trigger should account for fields that pass character data, numeric data, date range data, and null value.
          IF: parameter. G_query_find = 'TRUE' THEN
            : Orders.order_id: =: ORDERS_QF.ORDER_ID;
            App_find.query-range (: orders_qf.date_ordered_from,
                    : Orders_qf.date_ordered_to,
            COPY (: orders_qf.order_status,'ORDERS.ORDER_STATUS');
            : Orders.customer_id: =: ORDERS_QF.CUSTOMER_ID;
            COPY (: orders_qf.customer_name, 'ORDERS.CUSTOMER_NAME');
            : Orders.sales_rep_id: =: ORDERS_QF.SALES_REP_ID;
            COPY (: orders_qf.sales_rep_name, 'ORDERS.SALES_REP_NAME');
            If:  orders_qf.payment_type is not null then
                 COPY (: orders_qf.payment_type, 'ORDERS.PAYMENT_TYPE');
            End if;
            : parameter.G_query_find := 'FALSE';
            End if;

       j.   Create your QUERY_FIND trigger as directed.

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