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January 30, 2015

1/30/2015 12:58:00 AM
Oracle APPS MO Security Option

What is the purpose of MO: Security Option profile option ?

MO:Operating Unit Profile Option is used to Link Responsibility with Operating unit.
MO: Security Profile option is used to enable "MOAC" - Multi-Org Access Control.
Example Case:Payment manager wants to pay for 2 different OUs.

In 11i:

* We should have 2 different responsibility. ie.,OU1_payables manager & OU2_Payables manager.
* These responsibilities has to be assigned to that particular user
(Payment manager)
* That particular user (Payment manager) will login to the OU1_payables manager responsibility and does the payment.
*Similarly, will login to the OU2_payables manager responsibility and does the payment.

In R12:
* Create only one responsibility. say, Payables manager resposibility.
* Assign this responsibility to the user (payment manager)
* Define a 'security profile' in HR in which you will attach the OUs that needs MOAC (Multi-Org Access Control)
* Now go into the " MO: Security Profile" option and attache that 'security profile' at responsibilty level.
* Now the user can access two different OUs and make payments, sitting at a single responsibility without changing the responsibility.

Issue :

Oracle error - 20001 ORA-20001 APP-FND-02901 You do not have access privilege to any operating unit. 


1. Navigate to HRMS Manager -- Security -- Profile and query for the "Created Security Profile Name"
2. Go to tab "Organization Security"
3. Set "Organization Hierarchy" = NULL
4. UnCheck the Check Box "Exclude Business Groups"
5. For Classification -- Pick "Operating Unit" & Organization Name = "Pick the Operating Unit"
6. Run the Security List Maintenance Concurrent Request
7. Make sure the users has the MO: Security Profile set to "Created Security Profile Name"
8. Re-test the issue.
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