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February 13, 2015

2/13/2015 09:42:00 PM

11) When creating an invoice (has been validated and accounted successfully) and when it is making the payment in full, the system is prompting an error:"The payment date is not in an open period"when I checked whether periods have been open or not, all periods are opened in GL and AP for the Feb month?

   Ans:Check the periods are opened or not, in the GL,PO,INV etc..

2) Request - Mass Close of Purchasing Documents was mistakenly ran, because of which all the PO's for a given date range got Closed.Now, i need to update the status of the purchase order to "Approved" ?

Ans:You can Open this through: (From the Purchase Summary window) 
Tools --> Control --> Open. - It will give you Approved status, 
and here you get tow action lines in the action history line Close and line 
Open by the User Name. 

3     3)What are the attributes I need to be checked and what are the attributes I need to be unchecked while creating the expense items? Please provide list for the same?

To make it simple, first ask yourself if you want to track the expense item. if Yes, you need to tick the Inventory Attributes (all the 3 ones - Inventory, transactable). 
Go to Purchase tab and tick the Purachin attributes - 2 of them. 
Assign the item from master to the Org level. 
Switch to the Org setup. 
Then go to Cost tab and be sure that the Costed and asset are not ticked. 
this setup will be done in Org level. 
Save and close all the forms. 
When you make the receiving TRX you have to deliver it to the Subinventory 
and you can have it also in stock but without value.

4)  Which table does the request id of payment process request ( PPR) gets stored?  requirement is to email the output of PPR to the user, for which I am planning to use Workflow?

Ans:PAYMENT_SERVICE_REQUEST_ID Identifier of the payment process request in 
which this document was submitted 

 5) I am defining a bank account under the Vision Test Instance, and the Bank account Owner field (LOV) contains no value for legal entity and any other values to be selected as owner for bank account


The following needs to be done to assign a Legal Entity to the Cash Management responsibility:
? Log in as Sysadmin.
? Go to the User Management Responsibility.
? N: Roles & Role Inheritance
? In the Type field select Roles and Responsibilities
? Wait until a new field appears, you will see the category field, please select Miscellaneous
? In the Application select Cash Management and click on GO button.
? Search for each of the following responsibilities:
o Org specific custom CM Responsibility
? Click on the Update icon.
? A new window will be displayed, please click in the Security Wizard button.
? For CE UMX Security wizard click on the Run Wizard.
? In this window, add all legal entities that you want to grant the access to all thebank accounts and choose the privileges that you want to assign to this role on thebank accounts: USE, MAINTENANCE and BANK ACCOUNT TRANSFERS.
? Save and then Apply the changes 

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