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February 13, 2015

2/13/2015 01:21:00 PM

Oracle apps interview preparation

Good Afternoon,
Basics things need to follow while writing resume
In summary section Candidate need to mention the strengths (Area of expertise, In our case which modules (Functional—need to mention is implementation/Upgrade/Roll outs)(Technical—Forms/Reports/BI Publisher/OAF etc)
Segregate skill set in two sections
1       Primary Skill set
2      Secondary Skill set
The primary skills set need to match with the Job description while applying job
Secondary skill set needs to optional skills
In interview employer got two persons with primary skill set, if you have optional skills in additions to primary skills ,brighter the chances,
I observed so many job seekers put lot of jargon though they don’t know on that.
If you don’t know the skills don’t mention in the resume.
if job seeker applies for Oracle apps technical  position it means that he/she has to be good at sql/plsql, Oracle forms/Reports.
If the job seeker not answers for sql/plsql questions, getting job is very lean.
Suppose a job seeker applies for OAF positions his/her fundamentals are good at sql/plsql/forms and reports, if he/she has secondary level skills on java, he/she has advantage always others.
If you are a  fresher ,he/she needs to be concentrate on degree level projects
Employer expects logic  for freshers, if freshers concentrate on search algorithm ,if somebody asks the code try to write pseudo code rather syntax.
You have give impression to employer ,his/her adoption skills are good.
Read resume 3,4 times, write down and prepare .
Will give more updates on  interview preparation in another blog
All the best

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