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February 9, 2015

2/09/2015 09:31:00 AM

What is Mutated Table?

 Which of the following methods is most efficient for a cursor:
  a. Declaring a cursor
  b. Using cursor FOR-LOOP
  c. Bulk collect and then loop through the collection.

If we create a form based on a complex view, then how will u insert, update, delete the records?

I have a table emp and emp1, I have some records in emp, how will u transfer all records from emp to emp1 table?

Created force view ,In what scenario go for forced view?

I selected all columns like (create view xxemp_v as select * from EMP) after that I added new columns in the emp table is that view valid or not? If “yes” tell the reasons

In a PL-sql block WHEN-OTHERS,WHEN-NO-DATA-FOUND and WHEN-TOO-MANY-ROWS. What is the sequence of execution?

Difference between view and materialized view?

Difference between lexical and Bind in Oracle Reports?
Can a trigger fire on a view?

Why do we use P_CONC_REQUEST_ID? What is the data type of it?

Hi Friends,

I posted the questions yesterday also.You will get answers tomorrow.

I am planning to give  tips based on your resume to prepare you for the interview.
will give guidance where you are missing.

if you are interested in this
mail your resume to clearly mention that you experience and place and technology

ex:3+years Oracle apps technical ,Bangalore

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