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February 20, 2015

2/20/2015 02:39:00 PM

An employer receives daily no of resumes, but how they filter the resume. In many cases applicant didn’t read Job description.
Employer receives the resumes in the below format usually       
Having 3+ years of Total Experience in Oracle Applications as Technical consultant.
• Involved in implementations and supporting project of Oracle Applications R12/R11i. Modules PO, INV, OM, AP, AR, GL, PA Modules. • Proficient in Oracle Technologies like SQL, PL/SQL and Developer Reports 10g/6i.AIM methodology, Discoverer Reports,TARs,OAF,
Employer can easily get an idea that applicant worked on all technologies.
But if the interviewer drilled down without sql/plsql working on reports/interfaces is not possible.
If the applicant is working on the interface, he/she needs to be good at sql/plsql
If the JD is demanding interface skills (he can expect the question error handling, global variables, and pragma exceptions
Suppose Applicant is familiar with item, invoice (accounts payable) interfaces he/she should know the basic setup to run these interfaces. Mainly interviewer will ask what is the autonomous transaction, error handling
Suppose if the applicant is familiar with 11i/R12 he/she can expects questions difference between the modules which he/she mentioned.
Mainly they will ask on SLA concepts as account entries will hit first SLA tables the post into GL(General Ledger)
New tables are introduced in R12.Need to know why they introduced these tables. What are the benefits got in terms of functionality?
Reports: Need to know the triggers, flex mode, confine mode, user exits, printing on stationary .page breaks. If somebody customized the report you have to justify why client needs the customization
Normally AIM is belongs to Now Oracle introduced OUM(Oracle Unified Methodology).Why Oracle introduced this you have know that .
If you mentioned OAF you have to know what the MVC architecture is and How OAF is following MVC if you are working on OAF you have to know oops concepts of JAVA, collections.
In next series I will explain for each topic say interface what needs to be focus while facing interview
Happy reading…All the best   


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