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February 28, 2015

2/28/2015 05:54:00 PM
  1. What is the difference between Visual Attributes and Property class?
  2. How to chage Visual Attribute property dynamically?
       3   What is Go_Block?

  1. Triggers fired while closing a form?
  2. Call-Form, Open-form, New-Form?
  3. Difference b/w Stacked and Tabbed Canvas?
  4. Types of Canvas?
  5. When we will use Stacked Canvas?
  6. What is the Default Canvas?
  7. What is the difference b/w Data block and Control block?
  8. What r the relations in Master and Child block?
  9. What is Auto Query?
  10. How to get the block Name?
  11. How to make the text-box as mandatory, dynamically?
  12. How to retrieve Master block text-box value into Detail block text-box?
  13. How to make one text-box value as initial value for another texst-box when a form is opened?
  14. How to Save the form data by checking a Radio-Button?
  15. Which trigger will be fired while checking the Check-Box?
  16. What is the difference between Radio-Button and Check-Box?
  17. Can we create Radio-Button without Radio-Group?
  18. Which trigger will be fired while selecting the Radio-Button?
  19. What is the sequence of triggers that will fire while cursor moving from one text box to another text box?
  20. What are the triggers fired in a textbox?
  21. What are the triggers fired while creating Master Detail form?
  22. Difference between Pre-Form and When-New_Form-Instance?
  23. Can we write Commit Stmt in forms triggers?
  24. What are Key triggers?
  25. What is the difference between On-insert and Pre-insert?
  26. Difference b/w Pre-Query and Post-Query?
  27. Trigger sequence while opening a form?
  28. What is the sequence of triggers (When-New-Form-Instance, When-New-Block-Instance, When-New-Item-Instance, When-New-Record-Instance)?
  29. What is Object Group?
  30. Difference b/w Library and Package?
  31. How to change Record Group dynamically?
  32. Types of Record-Groups?
  33. If Master block having one Record and Child block having 10 Records then how many times Pre-Query and Post-Query fired?
  34. What r the Form statuses?
  35. When a form is opened then what is the status of that form?
  36. How to call a Report from a form?
  37. What is the syntax of RUN_PRODUCT?
  38. What is System_in?
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