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February 14, 2015

2/14/2015 10:51:00 PM
Project Accounting Logo

Implementation Options
Projects, Vision Operations->Setup->System->Implementation Options

PA Implementation Options

   Creating a Project

Project Creation

Normally when we are a creating a new project,we will get following error
Cannot copy a budget to a period which is out of the range of system defined periods (e.g. PA period or GL period)"


While copying the template we need to take the Project Start Date as it is in the Template Transaction Start Date then only it work
If you got any work plan related issue
 Go to
Structures ->Click Details

PA Structures

 Check the Work plan Structure 

PA Financial Options

Partial Shared Structures: This scenario allows users to share the top level of the WBS with the financial structure while allowing Project managers to build out additional granularity for their work plan activities below the levels of the shared activities. This scenario typically works very well when the top level of the WBS can be easily shared by scheduled work and financial needs.

Non-Shared, Mapped Structures: This model applies when you have a scenario wherein the workplan is structured very differently from how the financials of the project are managed, but it is possible to map work plan activities (at any level of the Work plan WBS) to activities in the financial WBS. This model enables the project manager (PM) and the financial analyst to have independent control over their areas of responsibility but still maintains the association between them. This allows for improved interactivity between the two in terms of generating budgets and forecasts based on work plans and also pulling work plan progress – percent complete – into the financial structure in order to process revenue and billing based on physical percent complete.
Shared Structures: This scenario allows users to share the complete WBS with the financial structure

Part 2
Project Structures
There are two types of project structures, Workplan Structures and Financial Structures.
WP and FP

Workplan Structures
A project uses a workplan structure to define, plan and track on a project. 
Financial Structure
Financial structures are used by persons with financial interest in projects to track billing, costs, budgets, and other financial information for projects.
Financial Structure Task Attributes
There are attributes related to the financial structure. They include, but are not limited to:
·                     Transaction Start and Finish Dates
·                     Work Type
·                     Service Type
·                     Customer Work Site
·                     ETC Source
·                     Chargeable
·                     Billable
·                     Receive Inter-Project Invoices
Project Attributes
Various attributes are stored against a project to facilitate processing and reporting. Some of these will be defaulted from the template, whilst others will be entered/updated during the course of the projects lifecycle.
The following attributes will be captured against all projects:
·                     Project Number
·                     Project Name
·                     Project Owning Organization
·                     Project Start/End Dates
·                     Project Classifications
·                     Team/Key Members
·                     Customer/funder information

Pic 1:

Overview Of Projects

Overview Of Projects1

Oracle Project Costing overview
• Setup
• Expenditures
• Costing
• Auto Accounting
• AP-PO-PA Integration
• Project Status Inquiry
• Capitalization 

PA Business Process

Create Project Templates
A standard project you create for use in creating other projects. You set up project templates that have features common in the projects you want to create. Projects can not be created without template. Project
Templates are created from Project Types.

Project Template: Defines the basic characteristics of the project, and consists of:
·         Basic project information
·         Work breakdown structure (WBS)
·         Agreement and funding (optional)
·         Project and task options, including key members, classifications, Transaction controls,     any other project and task options
·         Budgets (optional)
·         Quick Entry fields which specify fields to enter for the new project when creating it from a template
·         Project Option controls which list the project options to display for new projects created from  a template 

N: Setup  Projects  Templates

PA templates

I explained while coping the template ,have to check Transaction start date,Transaction end date (Transaction end date either needs to be or needs to be greater than system date the copied template needs to be in the same range
PA templates Range

PA templates Range1
Main table involved in this
Oracle Projects – Setup

PA Setup

PA Setup1

Organization Hierarchy
• Project/Task owning org hierarchy
• Exp/Event org hierarchy
PA Hierarchy
Project Setup

Project Setup1

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