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February 26, 2015

2/26/2015 03:37:00 PM

  • Plsql Questions-5

  • 1)b. NUMBER
    2)d. The table structure and its deleted data cannot be rolled back and restored once the DROP TABLE command is executed
    3)d. Position cannot be specified when a new column is added.
    4)a. ‘09-dec-99’ + 6
      b. ‘09-dec-99’ - 12
      c. ‘09-dec-99’ + (12/24)
    5)b. ALTER TABLE customer
    ADD CONSTRAINT cus-id-pk PRIMARY key(id-number);
    6)SELECT last-name,salary
    INTO v-last-name,v-salary
    WHERE id=5;
    7) c. You can’t retrieve an entire row using the division-rec variable declared in the code.
    8)a. DECLARE
    CURSOR work-cursor 1S
    SELECT wname,divisionno
    FROM work;
    FOR work-rec IN work-cursor LOOP
    INSERT INTO temp-work(name,dno)
    VALUES (work-rec.wname,
    9)c. When a select statement in a PL/SQL block is more than one row.
    10)d. A scalar type was not specified for the parameter.

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