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February 27, 2015

2/27/2015 09:52:00 AM
1)b. 1
2)d. ACCEPT TABLE PROMPT(‘table to view primary key constraint:’)
SELECT constraint_name
FROM user_cons_columns
WHERE table_name=upper(‘&table’) AND constraint_type= ‘P’;
4)d(d. ALTER TABLE patient
ADD CONSTRAINT pat_id_pk PRIMARY KEY(id_number);

5)d. 4
  e. 5
6)d SELECT ordeid,prodid,qty
FROM merchandise
WHERE (prodid,qty) IN
(SELECT prodid,qty
FROM merchandise
WHERE ordid=20);
AND ordid<>20;

7)b. SELECT w.wname
FROM work w
WHERE w.workno NOT IN (select m.mgr
FROM work w
8)c. A scalar data type was not specified by the parameter.
9)c. SELECT,e.salary, grade
FROM emp e,tax t
WHERE e.salary in t.lowsal and t.highsal.
10)c. An error will be generated.*

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