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March 24, 2015

3/24/2015 09:36:00 AM

  • 1)You must retrieve worker details from the work table and process them in a PL/SQL block.  Which variable type must be created in the PL/SQL block to retrieve all rows and columns using a single SELECT statement from the work table?
    ans)PL/SQL table of records.

    2)GROUP BY dept_no
    a SELECT divisionno, AVG(sal)
    FROM work
    WHERE divisionno IN(3,6)
    GROUP BY divisionno
    HAVING AVG (sal)>=3100;

    4)d.HAVING COUNT (*)>10

    Select inventory, NVL(TO=CHAR(shipdate) 'Not
    NVL (To char(total), 'not available')Shipped'')
        FROM order.

    d Select last name, first name.
    FROM work
    WHERE LOWER(lastname)=('smith');

    a.SELECT custid, orderdate, shipdate,
            ''Time Taken''
        FROM ord;

    8)a.    The first name values in the database are in lower case. 
    9)c.    An index is created for the purchase_no column.
    10)b.    Use the ALTER TABLE command with the ADD clause on the EMP table.

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