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March 30, 2015

3/30/2015 06:08:00 PM

1) When you will go for XML reports and when you will go for Discoverer reports.
End user doesn’t have control over the report in XML reports. You can built drilldown report using Discoverer reports
2) How will you get the legacy system from your client?

It may be in flat file or if client uses Oracle database can use db(database link) or if client using SOA suite can use BPEL(Business Process Execution language)any adopters(file/Database etc) based on the requirement

3) Once we transfer the Invoice Data from AP to GL in which column we can find that We have transferred or not?

4) What are hidden values?

in this Chart of account is hidden value.In run time it won't show as parameter 

5) Can you generate the numbers in triggers?
By using sequence

6) How to print your client name in the report?

By using placeholder column

7) Suppose we have created one table value set and in that we are getting duplicate rows. How can we avoid the duplicate rows from table value set?
There are two ways

1)Create a view and restrict duplicate values by using distinct
Select distinct (job) from emp and use the view in table Name


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