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March 15, 2015

3/15/2015 05:43:00 PM
1) How did you generate the PDF on the report builder?

A) File--  Generate File-- To PDF

2) How will you develop the report if my organization is having two operating units one is in India and one is US. I want two operating units data in the report separately? How?
 Create a values set on Hr_operating_units table pass org_id your query
 select * from ap_invoices_all
  where org_id =

3) If I run the report with query like select * from emp? First which trigger will fire?
Ans) Always before parameter form trigger will file.

4) In which directory init.ora is stored.

Ans) It is under $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/scripts/ directory.(Please confirm with Oracle apps DBA)

5) I want to get a particular report periodically to my email account how?

Ans)Need to schedule concurrent program.and for mailing you can use bursting (XML publisher) reports

 6) Where you will execute your pl/sql code in reports i.e. in which trigger?
Ans)  After parameter form(Here we can change add lexical parameters value also) based on the parameter what we are passing

7) Performance point of view which is good? Decode or case?

One should use either CASE or DECODE based on which tends to look better for the 
given circumstance, which one the developer is more familiar with and your personal preference.  
For instance with inequality or range - I think CASE is much easier to read.
I believe it has been shown here that performance should not be a consideration when trying to 
decide between CASE or DECODE.
8) How u reduce the time execution of query?

Need to reduce full table scans(need to create function based index using set operators,using exists instead of 'IN' operators
9) How do you track a Request Set? If an error occurs in the first program in a Request Set, I need to control the  execution of other programs in the Request Set, How do you achieve this

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