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March 16, 2015

3/16/2015 04:24:00 PM
1) How will you debug your reports?

You can use srw.message /trace for debugging 

See srw.message help for more details. I wonder why you're unable to reproduce your bug using report builder - just connect to target database using credentials used by external application. 

2) Suppose I have written one report no data is found. How will you tell the user that no data found. After the end of report means last page user should be able to see the message end of report

3) Can we set Index for primary key? If so what is the name of the Index?

No, Can’t create as index  are not at table level. When primary key constraint is there it  automatically create index(system defined index)

4) How to find how many ‘a’ are there in the specified string ‘aasfdhhjkgjaaaa’?
SELECT   REGEXP_COUNT ('aasfdhhjkgjaaaa', 'a') FROM DUAL;

5) Can we pass Pl/sql table as a parameter to another procedure or not if so how to pass?
Yes,we can pass ,First create a type of
   TYPE emp_tblt IS TABLE OF emp%ROWTYPE;

   FUNCTION f_emp_tblt (v1_ands emp_tblt)
END p_test111;
6) Can you use placeholder column without using formula column?
Yes ,Create place holder column, Assign value in the before report trigger. It will work
7) How do you stop inserting records after 50 records are inserted from flat file through sql*loader
SQLLDR CONTROL=sample.ctl, LOG=sample.log, BAD=baz.bad, DATA=etc.dat
   USERID=scott/tiger, ERRORS=999, LOAD=2000, DISCARD=toss.dsc,

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