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May 31, 2015

5/31/2015 01:34:00 PM
Demand to Build

Oracle Order Management
Demand to Build

The business flow outlines how a company analyzes or anticipates demand,and translate that demand into production plan

This flow involves the Following Products

Advance Supply chain Planning(ASCP),Material Requirements Planning(MRP):

Creates constraint based or Optimized plans and requisitions(Purchase or internal) to replenish inventory

Cost Management :Suppliers cost information for optimized planning
Work in progress(WIP):Uses discrete ,project,repetitive ,assemble to order ,work-order-less or a combination of manufacturing methods,Inquiries and reports provide  a complete picture of transactions,materials,resources,costs,and job and schedule progress

Capacity Calculates your capacity load ratio by resource or production line,there by ensuring that you  have sufficient  capacity to meet  your production requirements
Bills of Materials(BOM):Stores lists of items associated with a parent item and information about each item is related to its present
Purchasing/iprocurement: Requisitions are received  from inventory and ASCP/MRP procures goods and services and records periodic
Inventory:Setup in Inventory/expense items  and records  inventory activity such as  receipts of inventory,returns and corrections
Order Managment(OM):Demand is based on Sales Order
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