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May 21, 2015

5/21/2015 03:12:00 PM

Oracle Internal Banks Conversions

1)Country code
2)Operating Units
4)Different Code Combination id

API used

              (p_init_msg_list            => p_init_msg_list,
               p_country_code             => c2.country_code,
               p_bank_name                => c2.bank_name,
              -- p_bank_number              => '10202',
               x_bank_id                  => x_bank_id,
               x_return_status            => x_return_status,
               x_msg_count                => x_msg_count,
               x_msg_data                 => x_msg_data
once bank is created bank_id will be returned as X_BANK_ID

we have to use this BANK_ID for creating bracnch

            (p_init_msg_list              => p_init_msg_list,
             p_bank_id                    => p_branch_id,
             p_branch_name                => c2.branch_name,
             p_branch_type                => c2.acc_type,
             p_description                => c2.acc_desc,
             x_branch_id                  => x_branch_id,
             x_return_status              => x_return_status,
             x_msg_count                  => x_msg_count,
             x_msg_data                   => x_msg_data

We will get branch_id as out paramter and this branch_id will be used
in creating bank accounts

   ce_bank_pub.create_bank_acct (p_init_msg_list      => p_init_msg_list,
                                 p_acct_rec           => p_acct_rec,
                                 x_acct_id            => x_acct_id,
                                 x_return_status      => x_return_status,
                                 x_msg_count          => x_msg_count,
                                 x_msg_data           => x_msg_data
here acct_id will be return as out paramter

Hope you understood the Internal bank increaion using API

Note:This document can be used only for refernece

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