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June 14, 2015

6/14/2015 06:37:00 PM
⦁    What is API?
⦁    What is the difference between Client Side API’s and Server Side API’s?
⦁    What is the use of FND_GLOBAL.APPS_INITIALIZE procedure?
⦁    Brief the usage of FND_GLOBAL Package?
⦁    How can you find the application user id in Oracle Application?
⦁    What are all the WHO columns provided by Oracle? Which API used to update the WHO Columns

1)    API stands for Application Programming Interfaces.

2)    APIs those are all stored in the ORACLE database are called Server side API’s. APIs those are in front end libraries are called Client Side APIs.

3)    Usage of FND_GLOBAL.APPS_INITIALIZE procedure are
⦁    It sets the global values & Profile Values in the database session.
⦁    You can use it for routines such as java , PL/SQL or other programs which are not integrated with the Oracle application concurrent processing or Oracle Forms ( Both of which already do similar initialization for database session ) .
⦁    You can use this for manually testing application using SQL*Plus

4)    Usage of FND_GLOBAL package
It is a server–side package returns the values of system global, such as the login/sign on or “session” type of values. You can use the values to set who columns for inserts and updates from stored procedures.

5)    FND_GLOBAL.USER_ID API is used to find the application user id.

6)    Created_by, Created_date, Last_modified_by, Last_modified_date are the WHO columns  in all transaction table provided by Oracle to find who has created or modified the row of the transaction tables.

FND_STANDARD.SET_WHO API is used to Update WHO columns.

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