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June 11, 2015

6/11/2015 01:18:00 PM
Oracle Projects-Project Type

Understanding Of Technical Components 

Oracle Projects
Oracle Projects-Project Type

Name Enter Project Type Name, which is unique

Class Select Indirect, Capital or Contract from the list.
Effective From Enter start date, from which project type will be effective
Service Type Select appropriate service type from list.
A service type is a custom reporting attribute that you assign to each financial task to represent activities that you want to track for financial purposes. You can use service types to group tasks for custom reporting
Work Type Select appropriate work type to represent a classification of work from list

  • Administrative Use this box to identify administrative indirect projects on which that you can create administrative assignments in Oracle Project Resource Management
  •  Unassigned Time Enable this option if you want to track available resource time in utilization reporting
  •  Inter company Billing Choose this box if you want to use this project type for inter company billing projects 
  • Organization Planning Define a unique project type to identify organization projects used in organization forecasting. Define project type for organization forecasting projects with a class of indirect and then enable the Organization Planning check box. 

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