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July 29, 2015

7/29/2015 03:51:00 PM

MD050,MD70,MD120 Sample DocumentsOracle apps Interview questions with  answers

1. How do you interact with functional people to understand the requirement?
Ans:Functional people will give  MD050 which will have details of the object
(which we are going to develop(it may extension/enhancement or new development)
 What is MD050?
    MD050 is part of the AIM methodlogy(Application Implementation Methodlogy)
         please find sample look of MD050 from below this link

  2. How do you convert the functional requirements to technical requirement?
By seeing MD050 We will convert into MD070 which has details how consultant going to develop/extend/enhancement  can be carried out.

In  MD070 we will give  pseduo code which is the base for the development of the object
if you are working on interfaces ,will interact for setup issues,data error issues 
   What is MD070?
    MD070 is part of the AIM methodlogy(Application Implementation Methodlogy)
   please find sample look of MD070 from below this link

3. What are the different Optimizer techniques?

The optimizer determines the most efficient way to execute a SQL statement after considering many factors related to the objects referenced and the conditions specified in the query. This determination is an important step in the processing of any SQL statement and can greatly affect execution time.

A SQL statement can be executed in many different ways, including the following:

Full table scans
Index scans
Nested loops
Hash joins
Check more information from these links

4. What is all the information available from PLAN TABLE? How you force your query to use any index?

Find more information from  below link

5. If a procedure or report takes a long time, how do you get the necessary information before start tuning?

Please find more information from these links

6. What is the use of any particular library in Template form? Mainly CUSTOM.PLL

Custom library or custom.pll give the programmer a flexibility to add code on allowed custom events . 
As custom .pll is general for all the forms that open in application , you have to specify in you code ,
the exact form name , block name , item name and event name where the code should execute. 
Custom Library allows extensions of oracle application modules with out modifying module code

Custom Library can found in $AU_TOP/res/plsql directory.
After designing & Developing u must replace ur code in custom library.
After ur code has been written, u must compile & Generate the library using oracle forms on the application server ( not the development machine ) & 
place in $AU_TOP/resource directory.
       .plx (executable code) is created when u generate .pll (librarary code) when u generate a library using the forms generator 
COMPILE_ALL parameter set to ' YES '

7. What is a PL/SQL table?

Objects of type TABLE are called PL/SQL tables, which are modeled as (but not the same as) database tables.
For example, a PL/SQL table of employee names is modeled as a database table with two columns,
which store a primary key and character data, respectively. Although you cannot use SQL statements to manipulate a PL/SQL table, 
its primary key gives you array-like access to rows.

PL/SQL tables help you move bulk data. They can store columns or rows of Oracle data, and they can be passed as parameters. 
So, PL/SQL tables make it easy to move collections of data into and out of database tables
or between client-side applications and stored subprograms. 

8. What is bulk insert and what other operations you can perform using bulk feature?

Find more information on 

9. If you have to write a query on 3 to 4 tables with lots of data what will be your steps for better performance?
Need to check proper joins.Using "exists" .Avoding the mathematical expressions in where conditions

10. If you want to insert billions of data from legacy system that is not in Oracle environment, what steps or processes you follow?

Commit the data for set of records say 1000,so that it will reduce the burden while writing data into database

11. A SQL or PL/ SQL script is to be created and registered as a concurrent request in Oracle Apps.
 What feature is used to print the output / log in the SQL or PL/SQL Script?


fnd_file.put_line(FND_FILE.OUTPUT,'In the output file');
fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.LOG, 'Status ' || l_return_status);

12. When a report is run what are the triggers that fired. Name them in order of they firing.

1)  Before parameter form
    After parameter form
    Before Report
    Between Pages
    After Report
13. When you open an apps form from a local machine and get lots of errors, what could be the reason?
Need to copy required .plls from $AU_TOP/resources to local forms_path
then only forms will be opened properly

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