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July 27, 2015

7/27/2015 03:55:00 PM
Oracle APPS functional Interview Questions with answers

 1) What is overlay in payables
Ans: Over lay is used in payable open interface where we would like to pass and overwrite certain value which is set to appear by default when data is inserted into the production tables.
2. What is rollup group

Ans: rollup group we define and attached with the parent segment in the accounting flexfield for summary total for which summary template is defined. This identify at what level and how the summing up should be computed for the level.
3. What way payment batch is different from other module batches.

Ans: It identifies the invoices for the payment automatically based on the criteria we specify in payment batch for the payments.
4. What is balancing segment in AR.

Ans: The Account Generator ensures that Receivables substitutes the correct balancing segment values during various accounting activities against transactions and receipts. Receivables uses the Account Generator to update the balancing segment values during various accounting activities against transactions and receipts. By matching the balancing segments for different accounting activities back to the original transaction or receipt, the Account Generator ensures that Receivables uses the correct balancing segment values during this substitution process. For example, if an invoice’s balancing segment that you assess finance charges for has a value of ’01’ and the balancing segment of your finance charges account is ’02’, when Receivables accrues finance charges for this invoice, the Account Generator automatically changes the balancing segment of the finance charges account to ’01’. The Account Generator in Receivables utilizes Oracle Workflow
5. What is deposit in AR? Have you used it?

Ans: It is a commitment type of transaction where in we take deposit from the customer and get into the agreement that we will make supply of certain goods and services for certain period of time.
6)What is auto accounting?

ANS: It is a required setup before to enter any transaction in AR. We have to define code combinations for different transaction type such as revenue, receivables, bills receivables, charge back, deposit and guarantee to default

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