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July 27, 2015

7/27/2015 09:29:00 AM
Oracle apps Techno Functional Interview Quesitons

Oracle apps Techno Functional Interview Questions

1. How to create base table block or control block based on a procedure?

Yes we can create

2. Is it possible to change the base table block to different one dynamically?
3. What is bulk insert and what other operations you can perform using bulk feature?
4. How can you force a query to use any index?
5. What is the difference between bad file and discard file?
6. What is the difference between Request Set and Request Group?
7. What is the difference between KFF and DFF?
8. What is document sequencing and how to setup?
9. Explain flexfield qualifiers.
10. Important transaction tables in the modules that you know.
11. API in Oracle Applications.
12. How to register a table in Oracle Apps?
13. What is anchoring and what are the different types of anchoring available?
14. What do you know about form objects?
15. What is difference between call_form, open_form & new_form? What is similar feature in Oracle Apps?
16. How do you interact with functional people to understand the requirement?

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