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September 9, 2015

9/09/2015 03:30:00 PM

1)Identify three correct statements of a multi-org setup. (Choose three.)

 A. A Government Reporting Entity (GRE)/Legal Entity can point to one and only one Set of Books.  B. Inventory Orgs can be associated directly with a GRE/Legal Entity.
 C. The creation of a Master Inventory organization is mandatory.
 D. One and only one Operating Unit can be associated with a GRE/Legal Entity.
  E. One Set of Books can have one or many GRE's/Legal Entities associated with it.  

 Answer: A, C, E

Question: 2

ABC Corp. has set up the Asset Category key flexfield. It has also set up a descriptive flexfield to store vehicle information associated with the asset category "Vehicle." Identify two correct statements.
(Choose two.)    A. The setting up of the descriptive flexfield is mandatory.
B. The Asset Category flexfield is owned by the Oracle Assets module.
C. The descriptive flexfield is associated with tables in the Oracle Assets module.
D. Only the Asset Category flexfield is associated with tables in the Oracle Assets module.    

Answer: B, C

Question: 3

ABC Corp. is implementing 11i Oracle Applications.

The company has two local administrators in separate locations. They need to ensure that only a relevant set of users is visible to each of these local administrators. Which action will meet the requirement?
 A. create a separate role for each local administrator
 B. specify user administration privileges in Oracle User Management
 C. use Data Security to provide relevant access to each local administrator  D. use Function Security  to provide relevant access to each local administrator    Answer: B

Question: 4

 Which are the two options to which a menu can be assigned? (Choose two.)  
 A. menu  B. functions  C. data group  D. responsibility  E. functional group  
Answer: A, D

 Question: 5
 Identify two correct options regarding subscription processing. (Choose two.)  

 A. processes user response
 B. processes function activities
 C. passes information to Notification Mailer
 D. sends event information to a workflow process
 E. include the task of executing custom code on the event information    

Answer: D, E
  Question: 6

 Identify three correct statements regarding Oracle E-Business Suite. (Choose three.)  
 A. It can run entirely on the Internet.
 B. A minimum of two modules needs to be implemented for an organization.
 C. It is engineered to work as an integrated system on a single IT infrastructure.
 D. It supports multi-directional flows of business information within an organization.    
 Answer: A, C, D

Question: 7

 Which tier in Oracle E-Business Suite is responsible for storing application data?  

 A. database tier
 B. application tier
 C. client (desktop) tier
 D. both database tier and application tier  

Answer: A
Question: 8
Identify two tasks of the Application tier in 11i Oracle Applications architecture. (Choose two.)  
 A. process business logic
 B. store business logic in the database
 C. retrieve business logic from the database
 D. manage communication between desktop/client tier and database tier    
 Answer: A, D

  Question: 9
   Paul wants to log in to 11i Oracle Applications. Identify the first server to which his request would go.  
 A. Web server
 B. Reports server
  C. Administration server
 D. Concurrent Processing server    

Answer: A
  Question: 10

ABC Corp. is installing 11i Oracle Applications on two nodes A and B. On Node A, it has installed the Forms server, Web server, and Administration server. On Node B, it has installed the Concurrent Processing server.  By default, on which node would the Reports server be installed?  
A. Node A
 B. Node B
 C. neither of the nodes
 D. both Node A and Node B    
Answer: B

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