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September 10, 2015

9/10/2015 10:24:00 AM

Major initiatives enhancing Payables in R12:

• SLA - Sub-ledger Accounting • Enchanced TCA model
• Multi-org Access Control - MOAC • New Payments and Bank Model • Ebusiness Tax
Sub-legder Accounting (SLA)
• Centralized accounting engine and data model • Full drill down capabilities • Draft and Final accounting from the invoice workbench. (You can accept create post accounting from the invoice workbench.)
TCA is a centralized data model:
• TCA is now part of the supplier integration • You can also use the geographically within TCA to validate and calculation tax based on the hierarchy.
Oracle Payments
• Stores all of the payments related to a party • Centralized bank model • Centralized payment model • Complete payment and receipt processing engine • Supports multiple tranmission protocols • Payment batch can pay across ou's • Ability to configure as many payment methods as required based on rules • Enhanced disbursement process
E-business Tax
• Tax is not longer based on tax codes • A tax simulator we allow you to confirm the rate/setups • Self-service for tax managers
Payables Module enhancements:
• Invoice lines table is added to join with invoice distributions • Track complex contracts execution (used for large projects.) • It will account for any advances when trying to Pay an invoice. (Research how this is different from AR/AP netting.) • Also handles any retainer amounts entered into the applications. • Workflows are atvailable to handle hold dispues
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