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October 3, 2015

10/03/2015 04:05:00 PM
Subledger Accounting:
Subledger accounting is a new product in R12 which significantly enhances the accounting support across the E-Business Suite products.  Subledger Accounting includes new ledger support and enhances the legal entity and intercompany accounting features.
• SLA is a toolset, engine, and repository for centralized accounting processing.  This means that SLA provides the ability to set up journal creation rules and creates journal entries according to multiple different accounting methods simultaneously. However, there are many options and advanced features that facilitate the entire accounting process, including:
• Converting foreign currency journals into the functional currency
• Calculating exchange rate gain/loss
• Scheduling the automatic recognition of deferred revenue and expenses across the relevant accounting periods
Supporting automatic accrual reversals
• Tracking versions and effective dates on rules
• Processing a subset of transactions at a time, based on transaction type
• Enabling straight through accounting processing generating journal entries straight from the transaction view to posting to general ledger at the single click of a button
• Allowing testing of rule setup by what-if type of analysis with draft accounting
• Easy to use inquiry pages and customizable reports
• Intelligible errors reporting and tools to troubleshoot
• Ability to copy rules in and between environments
• Manual adjustment entries in each subledger application
• Auto-maintenance of rules when accounts are disabled
• Various geography-specific requirements such as journal entry sequencing, and control accounts reporting
In 11i, accounting information and the tie back to the underlying transaction is maintained differently for each module. Different subledgers/modules have their own model as to how and what they capture in terms of accounting data.  Some allow capturing more details and some link between the journals and the underlying transactions.  Some do not have the same flexibility or detail. This causes difficulty and inconsistency in reporting for auditing, reconciliation or whichever purpose across modules
• In R12, SLA provides the ability to retain the full link between transaction and accounting data for all modules, and thus allow auditability. The accounting SLA creates is strongly tied to the underlying transactions.
• Faster, Easier Reconciliation
• Improved Audit- ability
• Improved Internal Control 
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