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October 11, 2015

10/11/2015 02:35:00 PM
1)Warning: The Ship Confirm option selected will unassign all the lines from delivery
We have applied hold during ship confirm.

and below message appears "Warning: The Ship Confirm option selected will
unassign all the lines from delivery 49898048 "

Impact:- We have to once again create delivery , remove hold and then ship

Is there any way that hold gets applied during shipconfirm and system will
not delete delivery details?

Solution:If you want to delivery away from ship confirm , then you can apply
exceptions on delivery instead of hold , so that it will not get ship
confirm and not do in unassinging delivery details lines from delivery also.

2)How can I add selling price for the new item?

We updated the cost/list price for item in Inventory> Item > changed list price,
however, the new cost is not showing up.
The report is still pulling old list price we are checking Inventory Value Report - by Subinventory,
let me know if there is another report I need to run.
Env: oracle apps R12

There are "mixing" of definitions here.
Selling Price > is one price that you have to define in OM Price List that
will be choosen during the creation of sale order.

But, you mentioned here also Value Report (by organization or Subinventory).
This is not selling price. to get the inventory value you need to define
the "Cost" of the item in the Costing Form.
if you already made transaction with this item, so you need to define first
the item cost > Material element > in "Pending" cost type and then to
"Update" the Std, cost, using the concurrent (in costing request list).
after it you will run the Inventory Value report. (of course you need to
have stock

3)How to bypass backorder issue
We are doing pick release from only one Subinventory.

Customer does not want the BACKORDER issues if items are not available in the
subinventory during pick release.

Ans:You can define a pick release rule which only allows to pick reserved quantities,
use the check box 'Prior Reservations Only'
This can be used in conjunction with a ship set on the lines,
so the lines can be shipped only when all line Qty is available.

4) How to Update The SO Price Without Updating the Price List
Enable "OM: List Price Override Privilege" profile option for updating the SO Price without updating the Price List.
But normally this Privilege is not given to the End user in Organization.
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