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November 12, 2015

11/12/2015 04:27:00 PM
Difference Between Oracle Purchasing and iProcurement (Requisitions)

What is the difference between placing a Purchase req through Oracle PO
module & Req through iProcurement module?
-- Purchase Req. uses forms whereas iProc uses the web pages.

Is there any compelling reason for using iprocurement for requisitions
compared to Oracle PO. Our users use Oracle PO module now for Purchase req
and we have iprocurement which we haven't used.
-- iProc is more user friendly and GUI based with more features and step by
step checkout process.

Also, would iprocurement use the same approval limit & hierarchy setup in
Oracle PO module or can I setup a completely different approval limit in
--Usually it is same, you can also go with AME approvals, can also maintain
different approval hierarchy for various Purchasing Documents. however,
there is a very thin line between AME and standard form based approval
setups and makes not a very major difference. AME offers more user friendly
and GUI based customizations.

Where do I check to see what method of approval is iprocurement is using for
req approvals and what limits it is accessing?
-- Go in Purchasing Setup --> Approvals--> Approval Limits and Groups, first
check what hierarchy is assigned for the purchasing document type and then
check the people assigned in the hierarchy and based on the job/ position
check in the approval group/ limits reagrding the limits..
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