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November 9, 2015

11/09/2015 11:50:00 AM
Profile :
Profile is one of the changable option it will change the way of
application execution.

When User Log in to the application and select the the resp or Appl
system will automatically captures all the profile value as per the
profile values application will run.

Ex: If client have three Organizations 1)Hyd
If "hyd" users connect to the Application system will retrive the
data from database which is related to the Hyderabad branch.
If user is working for 'CHN' brnach then chennai branch setups or data
will be retrieved.

For every user we will assign the Profile value

Ex: Operation 

Position - Profile Name
Profile Values

When we want assign any profile value we have four levels
we have to select any one of the level.

Profile Level            Profile  Profile Value
-------------            -------  --------------
User        - OPERATIONS -  Print  - 10(This is for for Operations)   
Responsibility  - 22Responsi -  Print  -  5(This is for 22resp users)
Application     - GL Applica -  Print  -  4(This is for GL App Users)
Site        - ---        -  Print  -  2(This is for ALL Users)

Site : this is lowest level to assign the Profile values site values
are applicable for all the users.when we install Application by default
site level values will be assigned.

Application: These values are applicable for the users who are having
the access for the application. If user is eligible for both
application and site level values then application level value will
override the site level value.

Responsibility:We will select the responsibility name assign the value
which is applicalbe only for the users who are having the access for
specified responsibility.

Responsibility level value will override both application and site
level values.

User: This is highest level in the profile option.
we will select the user name and assign the profile value which is
applicable only for this user.
User level value will override all other profile level values.

Diff between Application and Responsibility:
Both are Group of Forms(Menu)
         Group of ConcurrentPrograms(Request Group)
         Group of Users (Data group)
But Application as per the Business functionality requirement
Responsibility will group as per the position requirement.

Some of the Imp Profile Names:

GL:Set Of Books
MO:Operating Unit
Hr:Business Groups
RESP_NAME and so on..........

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