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November 9, 2015

11/09/2015 11:25:00 AM
PO Application will be used to capture the purchasing information.
Oracle is developed pre defined forms and as well as Concurrent Programs and other
related programs.Client Directly can use those forms and Programs or client
can customize the existing objects(Forms,Reports,Programs)

During the PO application flow we can find the three types of people
1)Requestor : Employee who require the materials
2)Preparer  : Employee who is going to prepare the Document
3)Buyer     : Employee who is having the authority to purchase the materials from the               Suppliers.

Requisition: is one of the purchasing document will be prepared by the employee whenever he required the materials or Services or Training and so on.
we have two types of Requisitions

Internal requisition will be created if materials are receiving from another Inventory
inside of the organization.
Purchase requisition will be created while purchasing the materials from the Suppliers.


We will enter the Requisition at three level

Open the Requisition form enter the Reqno and select the type at Header level
 Enter the Items information at line level like Item name,qty,unitprice,tax and so on
select Distributions button enter the Distributions details.
Select the Button called Approve button to go for approving the Requisition Document
Open the Requisition summary form.
Enter the Reqno select find button we can find the Requisition status wether it is
approved or not.
select Tools menu => View Action History to find the history details
Select Tools Menu  =>Control option to Cancel the requisition.

RFQ Document:(Request For Quotation)

Once the Requisition is Approved Buyer will prepare thre RFQ document which will be
delivered to the supplier. Supplier will respond for that with quotation.
we have Three types of RFQ documents

BID RFQ:This will be prepared for the secific fixed quantity and there won't be any
catalog RFQ: This will be create for te materials which we will purchase from the suppliers regularley , and large number of quantity.
Here we can specify the  Price Breaks.

Standard RFQ:  This will be prepared for the Items which we will purchase only once  not very often,Here we can include the Discounts information at different    quantity levels.
RFQ Information will be entered at 3 Level
  3)Price Breaks(CATALOG,STANDARD) or Shipments (Only for Bid RFQ)

Terms And Conditions:
While creation of the RFQ documents we will select the Terms button and we will enter
the terms abd condition details.

Payment Terms: When Organization is going to make the payment and Interest rates
Fright  Terms: Who is going to Bear the Transportation chargers whether Buyer or Supplier
FOB(Free On Board): If any materials damage or any missing quantity is there then the responsibility of those materials.
Carrier     : In which Transportation Company Organization Required Materials
              Transportation company Name.

Open the RFQ Form

RFQ and Quotations=>RFQ's
select TYpe and Dates and so on enter the Items details at line level
select terms button enter the Terms and Condition Details
Select the Price Braks button enter the Price break details
Select the suppliers button enter the suplier details (Who are receiving this Document)
Select the Button called Add from List to Include the supplier list automatically.

 Buyer Name     : TABLE (Internally buyer ID should pass)  - Optional

RFQNo                                    Shipto
Type                              Billto
Due   date                          Curr
Close date                          Total
creation date                      User(created_by)

Lineno    Item     UOM  Price   Shipno   Qty   Price  Discount  
Quotation is another purchasing document we will receive from the Supplier which
contains the supplier quote details , Price, Payment terms and so on.

Whatever the quotations we have received from the supplier we will enter in the system
through form.

We have three types of Quotations 1)Bid 2)Catalog 3)Standard

For Bid RFQ      we will  receive Bid      quotation from the Supplier
For Catalog RFQ  we will  receive Catalog  quotation from the Supplier
For Standard RFQ we will  receive Standard quotation from the Supplier.

After enter all the quotations in the system management will do quote analysis as per
that one best quotation will be elected as Purchase Order.

                Quotation Report
                Item Name   (Table Value set MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_B   Segment1)
QuoteNo Type  Cdate Supplier Site ContactPerson Buyer   Created(UserName)


Auto Create:
It is one of the Purchasing feature to create the RFQ and  PO documents automatically
by using requisition lines.

1)Create Requisition and approve
2)Open the AutoCreate form
3)Select Clear button enter the RequisitionNO
4)Select find button which will shows all the requisition lines
  select the lines whatever we want to include into the RFQ
5)select Action = Create to create new RFQ
          AddTo  to add lines to exisiting to RFQ
6)Select DocumentType = RFQ   
7)select Automatic button which will create RFQ document automatically .

Purchase Order :
PO is one of the Main document which will be prepared and approved by the buyer and
send it to the supplier. which contains the following information
terms and Conditions
Items deails
Distiribution and Shipment Details and so on.

We have four types of Purchase Order

Purchase Orders=> Purchase Orders
Open the PO form enter the Inforamtion at header level select line level inforamtion
enter the items and quantity,price details
select shippments button enter the shippment details select the Distributions button
enter the Distribution Detauils.
Select the Button called Approve (Uncheck Email Check Box) , Document will be submitted
for approval.
open the Purchase Order summary form  enter PO number Select Find button we can find
the status of the Purchase order.
Goto Tools menu
Action History => We can find who hs submitted for Approve /Reject /Cancel details
Copy Document  => To Create Another PO based on this PO
Control        => To Close the Purchase Order or to cancel the Purchase Order.

        Purchase Order Report

POno    :            Buyer:
Potype    :            Supplier:
ShipTo    :            Supplier  Site:
BillTo    :            Contact    :
Cdate    :            Status :             POTotal  :

payment Terms:            Fright Charges:        FOB:    Carrier:

Lineno  Item  Desc  Qty  price  Shipno  ShiptoLoc  ShipToOrg Qty Distno Distqty Requestor
-----   ----  ----  ---  -----  ------   --------  --------- ---  -----  ------ ------ 
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