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December 22, 2015

12/22/2015 09:32:00 AM
11.Which two statements are true about freight and special charges modifiers? (Choose two.)

A.Freight and special charges cannot be manually overridden.
 B.Only shipping execution can capture freight costs and apply charges.
C.All freight and special charges are passed to Receivables for invoicing.
D.Using freight and special charges modifiers, you can apply different freight

Correct:C D

12.ABC Inc. is a retail company and all its customer orders that are shipped have a pre-defined freight charge for each line item on the order. The company wants to apply the freight charge to the sales order automatically to increase the order amount. What should ABC do?

A.Manual Freight and Special Charges modifier to apply at each sales order line.
B.Automatic Freight and Special Charges modifier to apply at each sales order line.
C.They cannot do this; freight charges can be applied only during the ship confirm process.
D.A Freight and Special Charges modifier cannot be defined to apply the freight charge at the time of the sales order.
E.Define the surcharge list type of modifier to automatically apply the freight charge at the time of the sales order.


13.AAA Bike Company would like to be able to apply shipping and special handling charges to the customers invoice. The order entry staff does not know this information at the time the order is processed. What would be the best way to accomplish this requirement?
A.Make use of the freight/special charges modifier list type.
B.Make use of the order management defaulting rules to automatically apply the freight and handling charge at the time of order line entry.
C.Create a qualifier for freight charges that directs the charge to the accounts receivables workbench for the freight and handling charge to be applied.
D.Set up a related item for the freight and handling charge that will prompt for the amount at the time of the ship confirm process.
14.Select the three permissions for setting Basic Pricing profile options. (Choose three.)
 A.View B.Delete C.Administer D.No Access E.View and Update
Correct:A D E
15.Which application is used to set the profile options in Basic Pricing?
B.Advanced Pricing
C.Order Management
D.Shipping Execution
E.System Administration
16.You are working on an implementation at XYZ Company and the customer has documented an issue where the decimal precision of the price is not working the way they would like it to. They enter all price lists with two decimal precisions, but after modifiers and freight charges are applied to orders, the decimals often go beyond two decimal precisions. What could be the problem?
A.The values in the modifier do not have correct decimal precision.
B.The QP: Price Rounding profile option is not set to enforce currency precision.
 C.When freight charges are involved there is no way to control the decimal precision.
D.The update formula prices are not running in the background to adjust the numbers to the correct precision.
17.XYZ Inc. has a variety of customers with different modifiers, surcharges, and freight charges. According to the company's policy, none of the modifiers should be applied manually at the time of the creation of sales orders. Most of the sales orders are from the Oracle CRM application where all the modifiers applied by the sales representative. Which is the best solution to meet the requirement?
A.Set QP: Negative Pricing at the user level.
B.Set the QP: Source System Code profile to Oracle Marketing at the user level.
C.Set QP: Blind Discount Option at the application level to enforce the modifier.
 D.Set QP: Pricing Transaction Entity to Order Fulfillment at the application level.
E.Set QP: Allow Duplicate Modifiers at the application level to enforce the modifier.
18.Formulas provide pricing flexibility and the ability to carry out complex computations. Identify three component types that are used to create formulas. (Choose three.)
A.Factor List
B.Value Constant
C.Pricing Context
D.Product Context
Correct:A B D
19.Which four statements are true about pricing formulas? (Choose four.)
A.The name is a unique identifier.
B.The pricing engine uses the effective dates.
C.Step numbers may not be repeated in a formula.
 D.The formula type numeric constant can be any numeric value. It can be a whole number or a decimal number.
E.The formula is an arithmetic expression made up of step numbers. Each step number is entered in the formula lines region.
Correct:A B D E
20.Which definition correctly describes the functionality of pricing formulas?
A.a formula that evaluates the criteria and the order in which to apply qualifiers
B.a mathematical computation that the pricing engine uses as an alternative to entering prices in a price list or to calculate a price adjustment
C.a formula that the price list uses to apply modifiers and qualifiers when the correct criterion is met
D.a mathematical computation that the order uses to determine which price list to apply to a given line based on the criteria set in the pricing parameters form

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