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December 23, 2015

12/23/2015 01:28:00 PM
21.Which four modifier line types are available in Oracle Pricing? (Choose four.)
A.Coupon B.Discount C.Surcharge D.Price Break E.Freight and Special Charges

Correct:B C D E
22.Which four statements are true about Advance pricing modifiers? (Choose four.)

A.You define discounts to mark down the list price.
B.You define surcharges to mark up the order price.
C.Modifiers can't be restricted to specific item categories
D.Order-level modifiers adjust only the pricing request's line.
E.Modifiers can remain independent of the price list, or you can use your price list as a qualifier. F.A price break can be either discounts or surcharges. Price breaks can be on order quantity or amount

Correct:A B E F
23.After a sales order is booked, the sales order lines must complete all workflow activities leading up to the shipping activity. Which two are typical workflow activities as part of this process? (Choose two.)

A.Create Trip
B.Pick Release
C.Schedule Line
D.Create Supply
E.Create Deliveries

Correct:C D

24.Which three activities fall within the realm of shipping in Order to Cash cycle? (Choose three.)

A.scheduling the order line
B.allocation of delivery to trips
C.decrement inventory after the shipping has happened
D.movement of materials from factory to the stocking warehouse E.creation of move orders to transfer the items to shipping subinventory
Correct:B C E

25.Which four statements are true about trips as part of the Shipping Execution process? (Choose four.)
A.A trip must have a minimum of one stop.
B.A trip must have a minimum of two stops.
C.The Ship Confirm process can automatically create trips.
D.A carrier can be a public carrier or part of a company fleet.
E.A trip represents a unique instance of a carrier leaving your warehouse, but is not carrier specific.
F.A trip can represent a truck, ship, railcar, and so on. These entities are set up as items in Oracle Inventory.
Correct:B C D F
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