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December 4, 2015

12/04/2015 01:04:00 PM

1. What is dynamic sql?

Ans:- pl/sql uses early binding , so we can' t execute DDL statements in pl/sql.
To over come this situation we have two options

   1> we can use EXECUTE IMMIDIATE statement
   2> we can use DBMS_SQL package

2. Tell me 5 important tables in GL

3. What are User Exits?
    A user exit is a 3GL program where it can be linked to the report builder executable
   There are 3 types of user interfaces

    a>  ORACLE user interfaces
    b>  OCI (Oracle Caller Interface)
    c>  None-Oracle user exit

4. What are the User Parameters in User Exits?

          srw.user_exit('FND SRWINIT');
              user exit is the mandatory parameter in srw.user_exit

5. how many interfaces in GL, AP what are they?
    3 interfaces in GL.

6. Is it possible to use User Exits in Reportbuilder?how.
   In BEFORE REPORT  we call srw.user_exit('FND SRWINIT')
   In AFTER REPORT  we call srw.user_exit('FND SRWEXIT')

7. diff between functions and procedures?

   procedure is called as pl/sql statement
   function is called as an expression and it can called from SELECT statement.

8. diff between ap_invoice_all and ap_invoice?
     The _all tables are shareable in multi organization environment and it contains ORG_ID field. holder ,summary columns, formula columns?

   Place holder is a column for which you set the data type and value in PL/SQL that u define.

 This can be used in BEFORE REPORT trigger, if the place holder is a report level trigger.
 A report level formula column, if the place holder is a report_level column
 A formula in the placeholder's group or a group below it(The value is set only once for each record of the group).

   A summary column can be either report level or group level is used to get the value of
built in function on a single column.

   A formula column can be either report level or group level is used to get the values from
one or more columns.
title>Oracle Applications Interview Questions
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