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December 5, 2015

12/05/2015 04:47:00 PM
1.  In the Price type quick pick in the Purchase Order Lines zone in enter    Purchase Order form, there is a value called COST PLUS FEE. What is the   COST PLUS FEE price type? How is Purchase Order treating this    price type?

2.  What is 2-way, 3-way, 4-way matching? How is this set up?

3.  How do you reflect discount from a supplier on a Purchase orders? 

4.  How do you change the created date on a Purchase Order?

5.  What is the sorting order for requisition lines in auto creation of a   Purchase Order?

6.  What does the error 'APP-50022: Oracle Human Resources could not retrieve a   value for User Type profile option' mean?

7.  In the Enter Receipts (RCVRCERC) form and using different responsibilities  produces different values in the action required field.   The Purchasing   Responsibility shows Direct and Standard while the Inventory Responsibility shows just Direct.  

Why are the action options for creating receipts different in Inventory  compared Purchasing?
8.  How do you purge Cancelled Requisitions?

9.  On the requisition form in the source details zone, there is a field    labeled supplier item.  Where does this information on the quickpick come   from and how can this information default in?

10. You are entering a requisition and are unable to find the header or line  note fields.  Was this replaced in GUI by attachments? 

11. When you select the Notifications form to review approvals and click on   approve button for a Requisition waiting for approval, the 'Reject' box is  grayed out. How does the approver reject a requisition?

12. What are standard Quotations used for?

13. When do you see the status of a Purchase order as Archived?

14. Where are standard notes in GUI?

15. In Oracle Purchasing, where is the automatic numbering for Purchase Order  defined and maintained?

16. There is a field for the organization code.  What is this code?

17. Can the original Purchase Order can be viewed in any way without resorting    to SQL, for a revised Purchase Order?
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