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December 28, 2015

12/28/2015 08:38:00 AM
q->When a Form is opened then what is the status of that form?


q-> What is the syntax of RUN_PRODUCT?

Printername: = '"'||'HP LaserJet 4P'||'"';  add_parameter (plid, 'DESNAME', TEXT_PARAMETER, printername);RUN_PRODUCT (REPORTS, rptname, ASYNCHRONOUS, RUNTIME, FILESYSTEM, plid);
RUN_PRODUCT (product   NUMBER, module VARCHAR2, commmode NUMBER, execmode NUMBER, location NUMBER, paramlist_id              VARCHAR2,   display   VARCHAR2);
What is System_in?

q->What are Canvas, Window and Canvas View?
Canvas is the Back-ground object on which we can place different items.

Window itself is an empty frame providing the window handlers i.e scroll,                                    minimize e.t.c

Canvas View is a rectangular visible area of the canvas through the window.

What are the types of canvases available in forms & what is the default canvas?
Content:-it is the base view of window which occupies the entire surface of window. It can have any no of canvases but at a time only one is visible.

Stacked:-It is always displayed above the content canvas because the content
Canvas is the base view. It can have any no of stacked canvases and more than one stacked canvas can be displayed at a time. It is mainly used as headers and footers to display the tittles, dates and times e.t.c

Tool bar:- A toolbar canvas often is used to create toolbars for individual windows. There are two types of tool bars Horizontal and Vertical Tool bar Canvas. Horizontal tool bar canvases are displayed at the top of window and only one horizontal tool bar can be attached to a form module.Vertical tool bar is used to display top to bottom on the left side of the window.

Tab:-It is a collection of one or more tab pages. It is mainly used to display a large amount of related information a single dynamic form builder canvas object.

Default is Content Canvas

q-> What is data block & control block?
Data Block:-It is a Logical Collection of Items
Control Block:-It is a data block which is totally independent of Data Base Table or View.
Note: - A data block can have control block items but not vice versa

What is property class, visual attributes? Difference between property class & visual attribute?
Property Class:-It is a global Property sheet where we can define the properties of different objects.
Visual Attributes:-it is used to set the visual appearance of interface objects like items, records and canvases .There are three types of visual attributes
Default:-It is the visual attribute by default attached to the oracle form related objects.
Custom:-When the default VA is amended with few properties.
User Defined: - This can be attached to the objects at design time under VA Node as well as run time programmatically.

q->Difference between VA and PC

We can change Visual Attribute properties dynamically at runtime,                  but we cannot change Property class properties.

When u inherit the both Visual Attribute properties and Property class        properties to an item Visual Attribute properties overrides the Property class   properties

What is the execution hierarchy of Triggers? Can we change execution hierarchy?

q->What is the object group?
An object group is a container for a group of objects. You define an object group when you want to package related objects so you can copy or subclass them in another module. Object groups provide a way to bundle objects into higher-level building blocks that can be used in other parts of an application and in subsequent development projects

q->What is Record Group?
It is an internal memory data structure and a separate object in the form module.
Usage:-To provide data to the LOV and dynamically to the list item.
   To perform client level validations
   To reduce the no of i/p or o/ps on the data base.

q->Types of Record-Groups?
Static Record Group:- A static record group is not associated with a query; instead, you define its structure and row values at design time, and they remain fixed at runtime. Static record groups can be created and modified only at design time.

Query Based Record Group: - A query record group is a record group that has an associated SELECT statement.  The columns in a query record group derive their default names, data types, and lengths from the database columns referenced in the SELECT statement.  The records in a query record group are the rows retrieved by the query associated with that record group.

Non Query Record Group:- A non-query record group is a group that does not have an associated query, but whose structure and values can be modified programmatically at runtime. Non-query record groups can be created and modified only at runtime.

q->How to change Record Group dynamically?
By Using Non-Query Record Group

q->What is library? How will you call a form from another form?

A library is a collection of subprograms, including user-named procedures, functions, and packages. We can attach a library to any other form, menu or library module. it is reusable in multiple applications
By using Call_form() runs an indicated form while keeping the parent form active.
Difference between new form, open form & call form?
New_form:-Once we move into the destination automatically source will be closed
Open_form:- It is a two way connection between source and destination. Opens the indicated form.  Use OPEN_FORM to create multiple-form applications, that is, applications that open more than one form at the same time.
Call_form:-Without closing the destination cannot come back to source

q->How to call a Report from a form?

What are the types in master details forms?

Isolated:-Two types
What are the procedures that will gets created when a master details form created?

q-> How call a form from another form in apps?
What are the triggers that will fire when the cursor moves from master form to detail forms?
I want to validate a field not to enter wrong data how to that in forms?
What is when validate item trigger?
When from builder open which trigger will fire first and last?
Pre-Form first when form is opened
Post-form last when form is exited

When you close your form window which trigger fire?
Post-form last when form is exited

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