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December 27, 2015

12/27/2015 03:10:00 PM
 Q->Triggers fired while closing a form?
 Post-Item, Post-Block, Post-Form

 Q-> How to get the block Name?

  Q->What are the triggers fired while creating Master Detail form?
 On-Clear Details (Form Level)
 On-Populate-Details (Block Level)
 On-Check-delete-Master (Block Level)

 Q->Difference between Pre-Form and When-New_Form-Instance?
Pre-Form will be fired before entering into the form
When-New-Form-Instance will be fired whenever form is ready to accept the data from the user.

 Q->T=Can we write Commit statement in forms triggers?

 Q->What is the difference between On-insert and Pre-insert?
Pre-insert Fires during the Post and Commit Transactions process, before a row is inserted.  It fires once for each record that is marked for insert.
On-insert Fires during the Post and Commit Transactions process when a record is inserted.  Specifically, it fires after the Pre-Insert trigger fires and before the Post-Insert trigger fires, when Form Builder would normally insert a record in the database.  It fires once for each row that is marked for insertion into the database.

Q->Difference b/w Pre-Query and Post-Query?
Pre-Query Validate the current query criteria or provide additional query criteria programmatically, just before sending the SELECT statement to the database.
Post-Query Perform an action after fetching a record, such as looking up values in other tables based on a value in the current record.  Fires once for each record fetched into the block.

 Q->Trigger sequence while opening a form?


 Q->TDifference b/w Library and Package?

If Master blocks having one Record and Child block having 10 Records then how many times Pre-Query and Post-Query fired?
Post-Query will be fired only once and
Pre-Query will be fired 10 times
   Q->T What r the Form statuses?
Form statuses are 3
A) New – All blocks are New
B) Query – All blocks are Query or New
C) Changed – If any of the blocks are changed

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