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January 14, 2016

1/14/2016 06:37:00 PM
1)Download the CUSTOM.pll  from AU_TOP\11.5.0\Resource folder.

2)Open with Forms 6i.

3)Goto Event Procedure
  Write the Following Code in the place of 'Real Code Starts Here'

    form_name      varchar2(30) := name_in('system.current_form');
    block_name     varchar2(30) := name_in('system.cursor_block');
    if (event_name = 'WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE') then  
      if (form_name = 'APXWCARD' and block_name = 'CARDS') then
        'PO Number');
      end if;
      end if;  (attach the Library called APPCORE2.pll)

4)  Compile the Library we can get .pll   (Program link Library)
      Execute the Library we will get .plx   (Program Link Executable)
 (File ->Administration->Compile File)

5)Transfer both .pll and .plx files into the Resource folder in the AU top.
  (Note: before going to copy into the server close the complete Application)

Note:When we are copying the custom.PLL in to the Resource folder
 we have to close the application because If application is opened
 CUSTOM.pll being used , All the forms in oracle
applications developed with TEMPLETE.fmb contains CUSTOM.pll
If file is being used by other program we can not Update the file.
thats why we will close the application.

When we are working inthe project all the Users will be connected to
 Oracle apps we can not ask every one to closethe application.for that
we will get the
 Alternative Path(Link File Path) from DBA we will place the CUSTOM.pll
in that folder.only we have to reLogin we can find the Customization
Other users no need to Logout.
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