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January 11, 2016

1/11/2016 12:34:00 PM
Oracle Apps : Functional Questions 

1. If Purchase Invoice amount sent by the supplier is more than the PO amount and Invoice has to be passed by invoice amount only. How this can be achieved.

Ans: Manually Release the hold by going into the invoice hold option

2. What all elements is set for the responsibilities. What is data group?

Ans: Menu, Data Group and Request group are attached with the responsibilities. Data group is a either your data of your functional currency i.e., standard group or Multiple Reposting currency data group with application name you want to attach for the responsibility.

3. How you will hide the button Site on the Supplier master form.

Ans: A restricted list of functions a user can perform. For example, two responsibilities may have access to the same window, but one responsibility’s window may have additional function buttons that the other responsibility’s window does not have.

4. When can you make payment for the supplier invoice weather at the time of receipt of material or after receiving invoice only.

5. Payment due days if 30 days means will it be from invoice date or material receiving date.

Ans: Due days calculation is based on what you set up in the PAYMENT tab window of Supplier Master form. It has Four options: 1. Goods Received 2. Invoice 3. Invoice received 4. System 

6. Where do you define matching option for purchasing. 
Ans: This is also defined in the supplier master form under tab ‘Control’ window. Two options are given as Purchase Order or Receipts. In receiving tab define whether it is 2 way, 3 way, 4 way match.

7. What happen if price is varying in PO and Invoice how you will resolve it.

8. What is security type and Cross-validation rules.

Ans: There are two ways security can be defined. One at individual segment level and One for the entire code combination. Security type with hierarchical security / non- hierarchical / no security is defined in the value set going to be attached with the individual segment.
 Here you exclude the segment value which user will not see at time of transaction capturing. 
Where are Security rule is defined including and excluding the entire code combination which will be seen at the time of transaction and if excluded combination is selected then user define message will appear. In both the case security rule is required to be defined. Security defined for segment is  assigned to your application and responsibilities.
Security rule defined for application, structure and flexfield title with inclusion and exclusion
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