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February 16, 2016

2/16/2016 11:57:00 AM

Generating Reconciliation Reports

Generate the Aging Report as of the last day of the month to get the month-end balance.
Use the AR Reconciliation Report to help you reconcile your accounts receivable activities.
This report summarizes all customer, receipt, transaction, and account balances for the period you specify to simplify the internal reconciliation process.

Reconciling  Transactions

Generate the Transaction Register and the Sales
Journal by Customer for the period under consideration.
The Sales Journal balance should match the total of the transactions in the Transaction Register plus twice the Credit Memo totals.

Generate the Receipt Register and the Receipt
Journal Report (select Transaction in the Report Mode parameter) for the period under consideration.
The balance in the Receipt Journal Report should match the balance in the Receipt Register.

Generate the Journal Entries Report-Summary by
The totals for each Accounting flexfield in the Sales Journal and the Receipt Journal should match the corresponding totals in the Journal Entries Report.

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