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February 4, 2016

2/04/2016 04:58:00 AM
:Contract to renewal(Key Business Flows)
Oracle Contract to Renewal Cycle
Oracle Contract to Renewal Cycle

This business flow encompasses activities such as managing and renewing contracts (both manually and automatically), and authoring new service contracts for prospects or existing customers. However, the business flow in the slide does not reflect the complete back-end integration with many of the shared entities. The modules displayed in the slides depict more of the front-end functionality.
This flow involves the following products:
iStore: An order placed in iStore can have a sales contract created for it. During checkout, the customer has the option to accept or negotiate the terms of the sales contract.
Quoting: From Quoting, a sales representative can create a quote for a customer and then create a sales contract from the quote for further negotiation.
Sales Contracts: Sales contracts are created in the Sales Contracts module.
Quoting: From Quoting, the quote is sent to the Order to Cash flow for booking and fulfillment. If the item purchased has a warranty attached, or an extended warranty is purchased, a service contract will be created when it is instantiated in the customer’s installation base.
Service Contracts: If the item the customer wants a warranty for was not purchased from the deploying merchant, then a warranty or service contract can be purchased and billed through Service Contracts.
Accounts Receivable: Accounts Receivable invoices for the item, item with extended warranty, or only the service contract.

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