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February 11, 2016

2/11/2016 12:26:00 PM
Oracle Applications : Inventory Material Overview

This process reflects the receiving and issuing of material from a sub-inventory.  The Purchase Order process and Receiving process can be viewed in more detail from their respective documents

Oracle Material Transaction Flow Diagram
Oracle Material Transaction Flow Diagram

.Step 1:

The Inventory Planning process displays the three different ways that Oracle has for helping you automate the requisition process for inventory items.

Step 2:

The Material Review Board process displays the flow of material through the Material Review Board area.

Step 3:

The Inventory Accuracy Flow (Manual) process displays the methods of helping keep the inventory information accurate.

Step 4:

The Miscellaneous Inventory Transactions process displays the various types of miscellaneous issues/receipts from/to the sub inventory.

Step 5:

The WIP Work Order Issue process displays the issues to a Work Order

Step 6:

The OE Shipping Process displays issues to Sales Orders.

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