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February 24, 2016

2/24/2016 12:49:00 PM
ebiztechnics Order Management  Support System

1)One of Users are getting the following error message when trying to Pick Release
"You are not authorized to release sales orders from this Organization".
We have the same shipping roles assigned to us and we are using the same responsibility and I can Pick Release and he cannot and he gets the error message as indicated.

2)No subinventory picking order is defined, and no subinventory is specified on the order lines or on the Pick Release form, inventory tab, pick from subinventory field


Use either options A, B or C.

A: Specify a subinventory in the "Pick From" region of the Release Orders for Picking form, inventory tab.
If this is done, pick release will always pick from that subinventory.  However, if the specified subinventory does not have sufficient quantity, pick release will not consider any other subinventory for picking.

B: Define a defaulting rule for subinventory.
1. As the Order Management super user, navigate to setup->rules->defaulting.
2. Search for application Order Management and entity Order Line
3. Find the attribute Subinventory
4. Define rules to automatically default a subinventory to orders. (See the Order Management Implementation Guide for more details.)

C:  Define subinventory picking order. In the absence of any defaults in shipping parameters and any subinventory specifications on the order or pick release form, pick release will look first at the subinventories which have priority 1. If no available quantity is found in any of these subinventories, then pick release will look next at all subinventories having priority 2. Process will continue until all subinventories which have a priority defined have been examined for sufficient on-hand quantity.

1. As the inventory user, please navigate to setup->organizations->subinventories
2. Search the primary subinventory in which your items exist
3. Open this subinventory.
4. In the field picking order, enter a value of 1. This will be the subinventory which pick release will be examined first to see if sufficient quantity exists, when you do not specify a subinventory on the pick release form.
5. Repeat these steps for each of the subinventories which will have all of the items that will be picked on your sales orders. You may assign all of these subinventories to the same priority (1), or to different priorities if you want to implement a prioritization requirement.
6. Test this setup by entering a new order having items which exist in different inventories. Note that all items must exist in one of the subinventories you modified in steps 2-5.

3)How to specify the Order in which the system will pick release from the Subinventories if none is specified in the release sales order form."

        2.1.3   No default stage subinventory

A stage subinventory is always required.


1. Order Management super user.
2. Navigate to Change Organization, and select the organization for which you are defining the staging subinventory.
3. Navigate to shipping->setup->shipping parameters
4. Go to the Pick Release tab
5. Select a default Stage Subinventory in the field Staging1. The default staging subinventory must not be the same as the subinventory from which the items will be picked.
6. If locator controlled items are being shipped,  the Staging subinventory must be defined as having locator control.

Shipping issue:

Certain users unable ship confirm while others have no issues
What kind of error do you see for those users unable to ship confirm? Or do they not see the Ship Confirm button enabled for them?

If the Ship Confirm button is disabled, then check the role (& its definition) that is attached to these users under Shipping > Roles & Grants.

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