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February 24, 2016

2/24/2016 04:34:00 PM

1. Generate Trace File

Enable Tracing For The Concurrent Manager  Program
Select the Enable Trace Checkbox 

ebiztechnics APPS tuning
Enabling trace in Concurrent program

Turn On Tracing
  • Responsibility: System Administrator
  • Navigate: Profiles > System
  • Query Profile Option Concurrent: Allow Debugging
  • Set profile to Yes
Run Concurrent Program With Tracing Turned On
  • Logon to the Responsibility that runs the Concurrent Program
  • In the Submit Request Screen click on Debug Options (B)
  • Select the Checkbox for SQL Trace
Oracle APPS Profile Option enable trace
Check now Debug Option is enabled in the specified Concurrent Program

Will post how to get trace file in the next blog .
      You can also find some sql tuning techniques mean time from  Latest Post(Drop down menu)

ebiztechnics SQL tuning tutorials

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