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February 25, 2016

2/25/2016 03:37:00 PM
eBiztechnics Bill only OrdersBill Only Order 

When Creating sales orders , we have many instances where we need to create a BILL Only Sales Order(apply when using the Flow "Line Flow - Generic, Bill Only with Inventory Interface) . There are situations when the company is creating an Order for invoicing but there will not be any shipments for this order ,
Order Management Bill Only Order Booking

Note :Order type :Bill Only
Step 2

Do a manual reservation of the order line before you do the booking operation. (via menu option "Tools >> Scheduling >> Reservation Details"). 

Step 3:
Tools >> Scheduling >> Reservation Details
Ensure that you have a subinventory on the Sales Order Line (Shipping tab >> Show Field >> Subinventory). T

3. Book the Order
Step 4

Execute the program: "Inventory Interface - Non Ship" from the 'Requests' menu option in the Order Management SuperUser Responsibility
Make sure that the Workflow Background Process is running

Inventory Interface - Non Ship report

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