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February 17, 2016

2/17/2016 04:06:00 PM

1 ___________  is an alternative name for a table, view, sequence, procedure, stored

    function, package, snapshot or another synonym.

a] Synonym
b] Data block
c] View
d] None of the above

2. The _________ operator is used in character string comparisons with pattern matching

a] Between.. And
b] Equal operator
c] Set operator
d] Like

3. __________  returns only one copy of each set of duplicate rows selected.

a] Unique
b] Distinct
c] Group By
d] None of the above

4. _____________ is used to lock the selected rows

a] Lock  table
b] For update of
c] Object privileges
d] Row share

5. _____________  Clause restricts the groups of rows returned to those groups for the
    specified condition id True

a] Where clause
b] Having Clause
c] Distinct
d] Exists

6. The ________ option is used to return rows in a hierarchial order

a] Connect by start with
b] Order by

7. The ________ function is used to return the number of bytes in the internal
      representation of expression

a] Length
b] Vsize
c] LengthLB
8.What is the difference between %TYPE and %rowtype ?

9.. What is the difference between ROWID and ROWNUM ?

10.What will EXPLAIN PLAN ?

11.What is an INDEX ? Why are indexes used in a table ?

12.What does ‘GROUP BY’ statement do ?

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