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March 22, 2016

3/22/2016 11:30:00 AM

Step 7: Check for the Output parameters and the description.

Oracle Alerts

Step 8: Select ORD_BUK as the action item and type as concurrent and On Error Action as Abort.

Oracle Alerts 8
Step 9: Click on the Alert Details Button.

Step 10: select Oracle ID as APPS and select the Operating Unit.

Oracle Alerts 10

Step 11: After setting the following as above, then Navigate to the Order Management Super User Responsibility.
Navigation: Orders. Returns à Sales Orders

Query for an order that is not booked, and then select the entered order as booked.

Oracle Alerts 11
Navigate -- > Tools -- > View à Requests
It fires the alert as update event has occurred  which in turn calls the concurrent program “Sales Order Acknowledgement” and displays the header information in the report Output.

Oracle Alerts 12

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