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March 22, 2016

3/22/2016 03:19:00 PM
There are many AP reports in 11i that were not upgraded to R12. There also are some that were upgraded, but do not work in RUP 4 and patches need to be applied to get them to work. 

 The reason for this is that all batch payments from AP are now done through Oracle Payments. Make sure that all reports are tested as many have different data displaying than in 11i. 
 So what is the good news? 
Oracle now has many seeded formats for Electronic Funds Transfers. 

It is also easy to customize these formats using BI Publisher. Just remember that these are eText outputs for the templates. Also you can create a complete check to print on blank paper with BI Publisher. 

This allows for changes to be made much easier than using third party products. If you change from pre-printed check stock to blank check stock, your printer must have a magnetic ink for the banks to process the checks.

To run payment batches has become easier with R12. The methodology to create payments is completely different than in 11i, but we feel it is easier once you become familiar with it. It is very similar to the 11i iPayments module. 

All payment batches are now called Payment Process Requests. With the use of Templates, which contain all selection criteria, banking, and other information, all the end user has to do is choose the Template with the correct Bank Account, put the dates in, and then the process will run payments. 

Managing each payment request can be done with all current requests shown on the main Home page. This simplifies the management of Payments.
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