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March 7, 2016

3/07/2016 07:43:00 PM
What is RICEF?
  • Reports
  • Interfaces
  • Conversions
  • Extensions
  • Forms

Considering RICEF strategies, the following tools are proposed for the development of required components.

Oracle Developer Suite
Oracle Developer Suite is a set of products that will be used to develop custom reports, extensions, and conversions programs. Within the suite, the following sets of components are available:
·      JDeveloper
·      Forms Developer
·      Reports Developer
·      Warehouse Builder
·      Discoverer Administrator
·      Designer
·      Business Intelligence Beans

Oracle Application Framework Extension

JDeveloper is the primary IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Java development in the Oracle environment. In order to develop with the Oracle Application Framework, an extension needs to be added to JDeveloper – OA Extension.


Oracle BPEL Process Manager offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use infrastructure for creating, deploying, and managing BPEL business processes. It includes a BPEL server and plug-in for JDeveloper.

Oracle Workflow Builder

Oracle Workflow Builder is a graphical tool for creating, viewing, and modifying workflow process definitions.

Oracle Message Designer

Oracle Message Designer is a wizard-guided, repository-based tool used to create XML message maps. Map creation consists of defining the data source and data target, defining hierarchy and data maps between the source and target data, and defining actions for data transformation and process control.

Note: If you are working on R12 you have expertise on Oracle forms 10g/reports 10g

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