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March 12, 2016

3/12/2016 09:39:00 AM
AR1. Do you book your receivables on the customer/declare your debtors before delivery of goods or after delivery of goods at the end of stipulated period (To decide on the invoicing Rule to be used )

 Arrears   Advance  Immediate

AR2. Do you have walk-in customers? If yes please specify the percentage of sales to walk-in customer over total sales?(This is to decide on creating a logical customer by name “Cash”)

AR3. Do you declare your earnings for any sale of goods or services in same period or multiple periods? Specify the details. (TO decide on the Accounting Rule to set up)

 Yes  No

AR4. Do you book revenue by product or product group?(To decide if revenue is to be reported per each inventory item or for each Item category  and to create transaction types using revenue account code combinations referring to that product)

 Yes  No

AR5. Do you have more than one receivables account?

 Yes  No

AR6. Do you book sales tax on one account only or do you have one for every state?

 One Account  Every State

AR7. Do you have a requirement to send an invoice in foreign currency?

 Yes  No

AR8. Do you group customers by particular classification or category? (To fix up the required Customer Profiles)

 Yes
 No

AR9. Please specify the different terms and conditions under which you deal with each class of customer in the previous question?

AR10.Do you check credit for all customers?

 Yes  No

AR11.Do you base your credit limits on individual orders, bill to address total, or customer total?

 Individual orders  Bill to address total  Customer total  Other_______

AR12.Do you send statements of accounts to all customers?

 Yes  No

AR13.Do you send customer statements to all customer groups or only to the customers having dues ( To decide on the statements block on the profile transactions tab in the profile class form)?

 Yes  No
AR14.Do you send dunning letters/remainders?

 Yes  No

AR15.Do you send remainders for the customers for the disputed remainders as well?

AR16.At what frequency do you remained (interval of dunning letters sent)

AR17.Do you change the text of letter at each interval?( to design differently worded at various stages of non payment)

AR18.After how many remainders/Dunning letters would you take legal Action?(To design the last dunning letter in the form legal notice)

AR19.Can you provide a sample of your current invoice? Please attach.

 Yes  No

AR20.Do you require invoice to be entered in a batch?

 Yes  No

AR21.Do you raise invoices regularly on any customer? (To decide on the “Copy Documents” feature)

 Yes  No

AR22.Do you require any invoice consolidation? (WORKORDER CONSOLIDATION)

 Yes  No

AR23.Do you sell to other companies in the group?

 Yes  No

AR24.Do you charge freight separately or included in the sale price( To decide on the use of freight
 as a line item)

 Yes  No

AR25.Do you charge tax on freight?

 Yes  No

AR26.Do you issue credit memos? Please site situations.

 Yes Examples:_________  No

AR27.Do you record debit memos from customers? Please site situations.

 Yes Examples:_________
 No
AR28.Do you close some of the customers dues and replace them with debit items

 Yes  No
AR29. Do you adjust invoices other than the following situations?

 Bad debt  Freight  Tax  Finance charges  Write-Off  Bank Charges  Errors  Others, please specify

AR30.Do you receive payments from customers other than the following modes?

 Cash  Check  Wire  EFT  Lockbox  Others, please specify CREDIT CARD

AR31.Do you receive payments from customer in foreign currency? (To enable multi currency receipts)

 Yes  No
AR32.Can you identify any non-invoice related receipts?

 Cobra payments  Cash advance liquidation  Asset disposal  Interest & dividend Income  Miscellaneous Receipts  Others, please specify______

AR33.Do you have salespersons? If yes, please indicate names and start date
 Yes  No
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