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March 26, 2016

3/26/2016 04:21:00 PM
Customer Return to Credit 

  • Enter customer returns by referencing Item, Sales Order Number, and Customer Purchase Order Number of Invoice Number. 
  • Issue an RMA for the original order and manually process a new order line for the replacement item. 
  • Process Drop Shipment returns to supplier or receive products into your inventory. 
  • Manually accept or reject the goods from the customer at the shipping dock. 
  • Receive returned items into inventory using Purchasing Receipts. 
  • Enter partial or full receipts of customer material- partial items will be split into full receipts and partial receipts. 
  • Use the Standard pre-seeded Order Workflows to support order processing and invoice creation to the customer immediately after the order has been shipped. 
  • Run Auto Invoice to import invoice and credit information into the Oracle Receivables application. 
  • Apply returns for credit by applying credits to original invoices or by creating on-account credits.   
  • Process credit memos for customers who want to have the credit balance applied to their account. 
  • Process refunds to customer by entering a debit memo, applying the open credit memo to the debit amount, then printing the outstanding Credit Memo and sending a check request with the credit memo to Accounts Payable for processing of the refund check.  
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